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Don’t consider the lighting of your cellars, garages and caves as purely a question of practicality and safety. With ORSTEEL light, the illumination of these areas has finally become cosmetic and as important as the lighting of your swimming pool, your kitchen or your entries. You often ask us how to highlight these sometimes disregarded ...
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1 October 2019
LED lighting, the best solution for present-day lighting You want to carry out renovation work in a room or outside that requires changing the lighting?  You are creating a new building and you wonder how to light it? You can’t decide whether to choose LED lights or energy-saving bulbs? Discover our tips in this article ...
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9 May 2019
Lighting is essential in the interior decoration of a house. But what type of lighting do you choose for each room? And how do you make the lighting both beautiful and economical? ORSTEEL light has the solution for you. Prefer LED lighting for an ecological home. Our top of the range, very chic LED lights ...
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13 December 2018
Discover our DMX unit for the end of year holidays Light becomes entertainment in RGBW Bring colour to your interior and exterior. Add a little touch of magic to your lighting to make both young and old dream during the end of year holidays. Choose our projectors fitted with RGBW technology, using our DMX unit. ...
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8 December 2018
You want to dress up your inner and outer walls with the most beautiful lights, but you don’t know how to choose? Don’t panic! In this article we will explain how you can lighting up your home with top of the range projectors which will suit your spaces. Luxury for my interior The design and ...
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8 November 2018