Discover submersible watertight LED lighting for a secure aquatic area in your Camp Site

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The summer is ending and your camp site is gradually emptying? You don’t have any down time; you are already thinking about the next season!  In effect, the months of September and October are perfect for making changes and improving the comfort of your camp site.  Renovations, repairs or creating new facilities, there are so many jobs. For you, it is perhaps the time to imagine or reinvent your aquatic area? ORSTEEL Light can explain today how submersible watertight LED lighting can help you to modernize and secure the aquatic areas in your camp site.

Choose submersible watertight LED lighting to secure the aquatic area in your camp site
Opt for submersed lighting to secure your pool!

Why illuminate the aquatic area in my camp site?

Watertight LED lighting allows you to enhance your aquatic areas
Beautify your camp site’s aquatic areas with ORSTEEL Light!

Meeting safety standards

Camp sites have to conform to many regulations to ensure secure access to the public. From the safety of play areas to accessibility for the disabled, passing by the securing of aquatic areas, there are so many constraints.

Today, you can secure your aquatic areas with our watertight LED lights. . Although camp sites are not obliged to supervise bathing (in simple use), your reputation depends on your ensuring your customerssafety. Thanks to submersible watertight lighting, you can secure your swimming pool and its surroundings and limit accidental falls:  ideal for young people and nocturnal bathing. Also, in opting for “Origin France Guaranteed” lighting for your aquatic areas in the camp site, you will be able to offer longer bathing hours to your customers without taking the slightest risk.

Improving the pleasure of swimming

In addition, thanks to watertight LED lighting, swimmers can clearly see the bottom of the swimming pool and the wall in front of them in the early evening and at night. You limit the risk of injuries and improve the comfort of bathing for your customers.

From the outside, beautiful submersed lighting brings you a modern aquatic area, which your visitors will remember.  For example, the Ellyn submersible projector would be ideal for your fountains and water jets, while the Polynesia projector would be suitable for your larger pools.  We know that in 85% of cases a satisfied customer will want to come back next season and that they will recommend your camp site in 98% of cases (according to a INIT Sat Tools survey among 50,000 clients), we believe that it is essential to make an impact.

How to go about it?

1st step: the design

First of all, to give you an idea of the current trends, discover the most beautiful swimming pool lighting creations. It is important to know what you want before going on to the next step, which is to design your lighting. To do this, call in a manufacturer of high end submersible lighting, such as ORSTEEL Light. They will help you to design your project and to confirm its feasibility with its Led lighting Design Office.

2nd step: installation

As soon as your submersible watertight projectors have been manufactured by ORSTEEL Light, contact a swimming pool specialist, who will install them safely. Because it is inconceivable not to employ a professional. Although this is more expensive than doing it yourself, you will get a rapid return on your long-term investment. In effect, if you have the slightest worry, you know who to call.

3rd step: maintenance

Once your watertight LED lighting is installed in your aquatic area at the camp site, you can sit back and enjoy it.  Relax, while your customers bathe in clear water and in a zone which is secure both day and night. But you have to maintain your lighting system so that it does not wear out and remains operational for as long as possible.

Secure all your aquatic areas with watertight led lighting
Securing your aquatic areas has never been so simple!

Finally, in the event of a fault, you will benefit from ORSTEEL Light’s excellent after-sales service and the 2 year warranty on all its models (possible to extend up to 5 years).

A secure aquatic area at your camp site is now an obligation. It’s up to you to decide if you want to create a simple bathing area or an authentic meeting place, for sharing and for conviviality for the whole family?


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