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Good lighting for your swimming pool is an opportunity to transform the beautiful into the exceptional. There are many ways to enhance it and make it even more unique. This article will show you the best way to work with light for swimming pool.

How to choose your light for swimming pool? Should we favour a LED spotlight or a projector?

Discover through this article all our tips for choosing the best lighting.

Illuminate your swimming pool with submersible projectors
Illuminate your swimming pools with our submersible projectors!

Lighting your pool at night

During the most beautiful summer evenings, a cocktail in your hand, your swimming pool is there before you. A delightful midnight swim in water lit by the most beautiful swimming pool projectors

Think of enhancing your lighting for all your summer evenings!

If you haven’t yet opted for LED swimming pool spotlights, it will soon be springtime and now is the time…

Following our advice, it is high time to equip your aquatic space with the best swimming pool lights. Let your imagination run free and let the magic of your swimming pool lights do its work. The choice of your pool projector is of the utmost importance. You must not get your light for swimming pool wrong.

When we imagine night lighting for our swimming pool, we must not just think of the aesthetics. We need to look further. The current potential of LED swimming pool spotlights is endless in terms of both colours and visual animations.

The ORSTEEL Light brand offers you the most beautiful LED projectors to illuminate your swimming pool. You can choose the HIPPOCAMPE. With its chic trim and customizable engraving with your name, this swimming pool projector will allow you to highlight all your small aquatic areas, ranging from a small pond to a cascade or a marine environment. The NEMO, another LED swimming pool spotlight, is ideal for a broad lighting effect at the heart of your landscaped garden.

Make the right choice! Let our range of projectors guide you for the most beautiful swimming pool lights.

Hippocampe (5 W) submersible projector
Hippocampe (2.5 W) submersible projector
Beautify your swimming pool with the Nemo (7.5W) submersible projector
Nemo (7.5W) submersible projector

The safety of my light for swimming pool installation

Make your swimming pool beautiful with Orsteel Light!
Make your swimming pool beautiful with Orsteel Light!

Have you thought about the safety aspect of your swimming pool?

In addition to beautiful decoration, the installation of secure lighting should be carried out by a professional. Your swimming pool deserves 100% electrical safety. Preventing any accident with your LED projector is capital.

How to choose the right light for swimming pool in confidence for this security aspect? You must choose LED swimming pool spotlights made with IP68 safety standard wiring. Tight security is a necessity.

The IP68 protection index gives you a fully sealed waterproof swimming pool light. Protection index IP68 is also used in marine environments and protects from any ionization during submersion. Using this IP68 index, ORSTEEL Light’s TALOS product can be used to illuminate even the deepest seabed. Are you sure you have made the right choice for your safety?

If so, let us turn to your decorative lighting atmosphere:  It’s the latest trend! There are different ways to illuminate your pool. Be Inspired and discover the delight and pleasure of all the latest LED technologies for your pool and aquatic zones. Choose the inspiration that suits you best.

All our tips for contemporary light for swimming pool

First Tip, small decorative lighting objects are fashionable. Please do not hesitate to enhance your environment with light buoys, floating lights, and even solar energy candles. Easy to install, they will provide you with harmony, well-being and light for your swimming pool. Create a feng-shui and Zen space for your swimming pool, totally avant-garde and fashionable.

Second tip, add ephemeral or sustainable vegetation around your pool. Reveal a real eco-design space around the light. To avoid any power surges and heating, prefer LED spotlights, they are the new safe bet; they are economical and trendy!

Third tip, use teak on your terrace in all its forms. This incredible water repellent, natural material will blend perfectly with your light for swimming pool. Use your imagination and innovate all the latest trends in lighting and colours!

Leave nothing to chance for your light for swimming pool. Choose an excellent French manufacturer pool lighting, like ORSTEEL Light.

Engage a professional for the installation of your lighting products and bring the most beautiful up to date lighting into your home! Thank you for your attention.


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