Prefer LED lighting for an ecological home

Lighting is essential in the interior decoration of a house. But what type of lighting do you choose for each room? And how do you make the lighting both beautiful and economical? ORSTEEL light has the solution for you. Prefer LED lighting for an ecological home. Our top of the range, very chic LED lights will bring light into your rooms which were in the shade until today…

ORSTEEL Light, manufacturer of high end lighting, offers a wide choice of top of the range products. Please note that all our articles are LED lights. By the way, LED bulbs are the new lighting invention. These light emitting diode bulbs are fully electric and do not contain gas or other particles which are harmful to man.

This lighting system is a real revolution, it is the only component which respects the environment and which is totally ecological! To make it simple, LED lighting has only advantages. It is ecological with low power consumption and is very long lasting, estimated at 15000h against approximately 2000h for halogen bulbs.

The small extra touch? You will succumb to the multitude of colours available and bulbs with colour changing luminous flux.

Light up your staircase with LED lighting for an ecological home
Highlight your staircase with ORSTEEL Light LED lighting!

Prefer LED lighting for an ecological home are enticing more and more people. Their soothing light allows you to light any room, retaining a certain softness and elegance. This lighting solution will enhance your decorative objects while allowing you to make real energy savings.

For you, we have lit up a selection of LED lights

Discover the Line projector to define your spaces
Make your spaces look bigger with the Line Projector!

A principal component in a home, staircases are often a decorative element in their own right. To showcase them even more, use a LED light system. You have a long, rather narrow staircase? Install our Line lighting product, which will give an effect of width by integrating into the length of the steps. This same product can also be used to delineate a space. Corridors are also often set aside, but with this LED lighting you can show them off. This tip will give an impression of depth and will make your corridors much warmer and more decorative.

Light up your reading with the Roya reading light
Create your reading corner with the Roya reading light!

Create a perfect reading corner with our Roya reading lamp. Refined, sleek and slender, this article is both ideal and essential to establish a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to its directable, discreet light,  you will now be able to read in bed without bothering your partner! Declined in three ranges, you will inevitably find the LED light which suits you best.

Light up your rooms with the flush mounted microlight projector
Brighten up your living room with the microlight projector

Your lounge is the centrepiece of your home. You need to choose the perfect lighting to showcase it. Prefer a LED light for an ecological house that will give you a smooth, customized shade. Flush mounted LED spotlights are ideal with their steerable beams. Thanks to this possibility, you can highlight seating areas or pick out a decorative element. Specially selected to meet your needs, discover our Microlight projector, which will set off your lounge.

Illuminate your bathroom with the Ufo LED projector
Illuminate your bathroom with the Ufo projector

Bathroom lighting is certainly the most important. Because many bathrooms don’t have windows, it is important to choose your lighting carefully. You can opt for either wall mounted or flush mounted LED projectors. The most important is that your lighting is equipped with a LED, because it is the place where you will need the most light. The UFO LED projector will be perfect to illuminate this small room.

The added extra : Install a light variator in the main rooms of your home. This little instrument is very useful for controlling the intensity of the light and colour of your LED lighting for an ecological house. More often than not, you will not need an electrician, it is a fairly simple system to install.

With ORSTEEL light, everything is possible! As you can see, our range of lighting can grant all your wishes! It only remains for you to choose the right lighting fixtures to light up all the rooms in your home.


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