Play with light with the Orsteel Light DMX unit

Discover our DMX unit for the end of year holidays

Light becomes entertainment in RGBW

Bring colour to your interior and exterior. Add a little touch of magic to your lighting to make both young and old dream during the end of year holidays. Choose our projectors fitted with RGBW technology, using our DMX unit.
With the DMX unit you can plan anything you want in terms of colour effects. You want a lighting effect which alternates your favourite colours? You can program your scenarios as you like.

But how can a DMX unit make this possible?
This small box is a technological gem. It allows you to control the spotlights and projectors in your home as well as your gardens and aquatic spaces (swimming pools, ponds,…).

Change colour with a DMX control unit
Brighten up your home and change the colour when you want to!

Have fun programming festive lighting effects at the approach of the end of year holidays! Use the DMX unit variator to go from one colour to another in a magical visual display.

The magic of Christmas lights with the DMX unit

Now is the time to change over to ORSTEEL Light products. Use our projectors to help cover your trees, your home, your garden in Christmas colours, each one more festive and warm than the other.
It is the ideal time to decorate and give a soul to your interior and exterior with projectors that will spread magic with warm colours, bringing cheerfulness at the approach of Christmas. This new way of developing lighting effects works for all major occasions:  the new year, 14th July, a birthday, anniversary,… something to amaze your friends and delight the children. All this is possible with the DMX unit. It is an opportunity to revive the child in you!

Presentation of our DMX unit

Light control using DMX

DMX is a means of data transmission used to monitor the channels available on a lighting element via a controller. It has 512 channels!
These channels correspond to settings such as the pan, tilt, speed or strobe mode of your lighting according to the commands available.
Each channel has several levels ranging from 0 to 255. You can denote these levels as a scale ranging from 0 to 100%. These values allow you to check each channel.
It ensures a perfect connection with our high end projectors and spotlights for a light output to the nearest degree. You can produce variants of red, blue, green, orange, as well as all the variants of white ranging from cold to warm.

Use your DMX unit to change colours!
This new technology associated with LED technology will give you a contemporary and ecological effect!

High end custom lighting guaranteed with the DMX unit

To begin with, the scenario is according to the client’s wishes:  flashing, progressive variation of colours, etc. Each program is designed according to your desires and your needs with as many projectors as you like. Any surface can be lit, ranging from a simple statue to the facade of a building, a bridge or even a maritime port.

Then, according to the request, our teams will configure the DMX unit integrating the program for each projector. You can change the program during the course of the year. We offer a service providing new scenarios for your hotel, your private home, your designer home or even your holiday home.

Finally, these configurations are recorded in the control stick, and to finish, a live test is carried out with you to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction. Our teams are always ready to satisfy you. ORSTEEL light guarantees all its products for 5 years with a very reactive after-sales service.
Now is the time to indulge yourself. Treat yourself to ORSTEEL Light’s DMX unit technology for the end of year holidays!


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