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This article will show you the importance of well managed lighting for yachts and boats. How to care for them, How to optimize the most beautiful lighting? Define the right lighting manufacturer in the event of malfunction?

After reading our tips, you will know more about high end lighting for yachts and boats. You will hold the key to making the best choice for your submersed lighting.

ORSTEEL light submersible lights for use in a marine environment
Light up your yacht and pleasure boat with ORSTEEL lights

Take care of your yacht with beautiful top of the range lighting

Your yacht is composed of many expensive materials such as teak or stainless steel.

Teak, a material of multiple properties, is a valuable wood that is found on all high end boats. Its qualities include resistance and repellence to fresh and salt water. It is also rot-proof, that is to say that it protects from all possible attacks by fungi or insects. Above all, teak, with its pleasant, unique odour, has an inimitable colour which, when exposed to magnificent high end lighting, gives you an incredible light show for a breath-taking sight. To be well protected, teak must be fed with a specific suitable oil. This maintenance should be carried out regularly. Your stainless steel must shine, remember to renovate it with an adapted product.

Top of the range lighting for your boat reflecting on beautiful shiny stainless steel will enhance your yacht.

For your high end lighting to reflect what your lighting manufacturer intended, it is important to maintain your batteries, which are essential for the proper functioning of your electrical installations. To avoid it wearing out, your battery must generate 3 cycles:  boost, absorption and floating. It must also avoid regular power surges. Do not forget to recharge your batteries up to the maximum of their power potential, in order not to affect the rendering of your top of the range yacht lighting.

ORSTEEL Light, manufacturer of top of the range lighting for yachts
Enhance the interior of your boats with ORSTEEL Light watertight lights

Optimize your top of the range lighting for a successful evening

Ask for advice before making the right choice. Our Design Office and our experts in top of the range lighting are at your disposal to assist you in the organization of a successful illuminated evening.

Don’t worry about salt water or sea mist, opt for a light show.

ORSTEEL Light, manufacturer of French LED lighting, proposes its range of submersible 316L stainless steel IP65 standard projectors. These French LED projectors are adapted to be controlled by a DMX unit. They allow you to play with lighting effects in all the colours of the rainbow. The Nemo, Orphie, Blade or Talos are reliable spotlights guaranteed to create lightshows on the deck of your boat or yacht. We love a job well done and finished, your yacht is a precious jewel which deserves the most beautiful French-made lighting.

Choose the most beautiful French-made LED lighting with customised exclusive lights. Choose ORSTEEL Light, the French manufacturer of LED lighting for yachts and boats.

All our tips for high end boat lighting

As in the home, LED lights are revolutionising lighting on your boats and yachts. LED technology lighting allows real energy saving for low power adapted to your boat’s batteries.

Tip 1: choosing the right LED projector

It is important to be able to see well on your boat, whether on the deck or in the lounges and interior rooms. Good lighting is essential to feel good.

Tip 2: a true protection against fire

ORSTEEL Light’s submersible LED lights are adapted to aquatic and marine environments. They emit very little heat, which minimizes all the more the risk of fire which is well known in the nautical world.

Tip 3: More light for more comfortable living.

With the Nemo spotlight, treat yourself to hot and cold temperatures in terms of colour. We can create the atmosphere of your choice! This is high end lighting for your yacht:  living with the magic of a full daylight effect or softened to recreate a lounge atmosphere.

Tip 4: I am replacing my old spotlights

ORSTEEL Light spotlights are unique pieces made to replace your old bulbs for new instant low energy consuming lighting.

Leave nothing to chance for high end lighting for your yacht.

Your boat must look magnificent.

Illuminating a lighthouse with ORSTEEL Light submersible projectors
Illuminating areas exposed to water spray

This is possible with an excellent manufacturer of French high end lighting like ORSTEEL Light. Bring in the most beautiful lights for your yacht or your boat thanks to our professional advice! 


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