Lighting up your home: How to choose top of the range lighting

You want to dress up your inner and outer walls with the most beautiful lights, but you don’t know how to choose? Don’t panic! In this article we will explain how you can lighting up your home with top of the range projectors which will suit your spaces.

Luxury for my interior

The design and colours of our high luxury LED projectors make them ideal to adapt perfectly to the style that you want create. According to your tastes and desires they will enhance your interior and exterior.

Lighting your home becomes easier with ORSTEEL Light
Lighting your house: child’s play with ORSTEEL Light
Pour vos éclairage LED d'extérieur

Our 100% French company has been manufacturing made to measure top of the range lighting  from noble materials for more than 10 years. Our LED interior spotlights can be customized to create a warm atmosphere. LED lighting is qualitative, ecological and, above all, consumes little. These lamps have replaced ¾ of lights. In addition to being functional, they bring a real design element to your home. Are you won over? Here are a few decoration tips for showcasing your home.

Find the top of the range lighting which will embellish your home

The wall-mounted projector, a must for your interior!

This is the new trend for lighting up your home with top of the range projectors Wall-mounted projectors are invading the world of decoration. These are truly small mural sculptures which are transforming and illuminating interiors and exteriors with charm and beauty. Simply fixed to the wall, they give a considerable gain of place, especially for small rooms such as bathrooms or toilets. These high end spotlights are greatly appreciated for their soft lighting and the way they emphasize the decorative areas of the room. Different from suspensions, a wall light projects a halo of light on the wall, which makes it look bigger.

ORSTEEL Light’s wall-mounted lights are of very good quality and provide unique lighting. We can propose several models according to your needs. You want to highlight your facade, pillars or the entrance to your home, choose the Pilas wall light. In a tubular form, it produces elegant wall lighting. Dauphin gives discreet architectural lighting. Used outside as well as inside, it will enhance the entrance to your home and the corridors. With this top of the range light, you will be able to create a discreet feeling of softness and warmth.

Lighting your house with wall lights: PILAS
Wall light: Pilas
Wall light: DAUPHIN
Wall light: Dauphin

Flush mounted spotlights, the new trend in decoration

Lighting is essential for successful decoration. Light fittings have a crucial role in the living space. That is why it is important to choose your LED lighting with care, to create a soft atmosphere for all your internal courtyards and passageways.

Our advice for choosing lights that resemble you

You want to revolutionize the lighting in your home? Choose flush mounted spotlights and replace your large lamps with these top of the range lights. Discreet and directable, these small objects with an excellent finish will win over your old fixtures.

You want to achieve harmonious designer lighting for a room or a display case in a shop? Favour our Alpha Zenith flush mounted ceiling projector. Thanks to its directable beam you can accentuate a specific element of a room. This type of top of the range lighting is perfect to create a cocooning and intimate feel.

You want to discreetly light your swimming pool or bathroom? Choose our Exocet projector. It will be perfect if you want top of the range lighting. For the exterior, our Ether projector a LED spotlight which can be embedded in the ground: ideal for  illuminating your terrace or your shop front.

The small extra touch:  we propose white lights but also a system that allows you to create a colour play for the desired effect. This unique detail will complete your home. A stylish effect assured!

Lighting your house with flush mounted ceiling lights: ALPHA ZENITH:
Flush mounted ceiling light: Alpha Zenith
Lighting your house with flush mounted ceiling lights: Exocet
Flush mounted ceiling light: Exocet
Lighting your house with embedded ground lights: Ether
Embedded ground light: Ether


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