External car park lighting: we tell you everything!

An external car park is one of the most difficult places to light. We have to meet many standards in terms of regulation and installation, which sometimes complicates the choice of LED light for your external car park lighting.

You don’t have to light your outdoor car park with massive, very tall posts, the trend is for embedded LED projectors and LED marker lights. The external car park is a new attractive and modern space in terms of LED lighting. Today, we will tell you all our secrets to obtain the perfect lighting for your external car park!

Find external car park lighting which is adapted to your needs

No need to make a fuss, we just need to adjust your lights and focus your lighting on the most important luminous points to be featured. Each light source must be located in the right place to illuminate the crucial areas.

Unlit external car parks are often unsafe and frightening for visitors. That is why good LED lighting in your car park will provide visual comfort and genuine security.  All car parks in apartment buildings, residences, tourist centres such as stations, airports or city centres and your local supermarket need to be brought up to standards. To do this, we advise choosing a LED projector for contemporary exterior car parks which replies to the problem of security and pleasantness.

Choosing the right lighting outdoor car park
Say goodbye to austere car parks!

Which LED projectors for what spaces in and around your external car park lighting?

Line Lighting outdoor car park
Embellish your car park!

Aim for modern and contemporary lighting leading to your car park. How do you do that? It is simple:  follow our lighting tips!

Lighting your parking space

Make no mistake: each detail counts. If it is a parking space in an apartment block, a building or a residence, in your supermarket or in your usual car park in the city centre:  It must be well marked! The new ORSTEEL Light projectors give bright, precise, high end lighting for your external car park.

Take for example the UFO LED marker light, which is very small but very powerful, it will light the number of your parking space very distinctly. The ORAS LED spotlight is stylish and high end, it will provide a luminous guide towards the exit.

Find the entry and exit of an exterior car park easily

If it is an access to guide your vehicle, or to guide you on foot through the car park, the light must be strong but not blinding.

According to the slope of your car park, a poor quality projector, depending on its location, will dazzle you like car headlights!

ORSTEEL Light proposes the MELINA shaft mounted LED projector. This high end LED spotlight will light your car park beautifully, thanks to the projection of a circular beam onto the ground. With its 4 outputs of glare free light, it is ideal for a modern secure car park This light in solid IK10 aluminium is a solid stylish projector that will easily guide your vehicle in the external car park even in the dead of night!

Upgrading your external car park lighting

Replacing all your old fluorescent tubes with suitable LED tubes can represent a costly investment for your public or co-ownership car park.

On the other hand, changing the lighting projectors in your exterior car park will improve your energy performance. Less energy consuming, the PARKEGGIO LED projector will look after your budget and make you substantial savings.

With these energy savings, you will very quickly recover the purchase cost of these external LED projectors. It also has the advantage of reducing CO2 emissions Don’t worry, they are easy to install because they are the same shape as your old lights.

Professional electricians and architects are used to upgrading exterior car park lighting. The light that this tubular projector emits is also more comfortable for drivers who park day and night in the same place. Additionally, you can use alternative colours according to your wishes for made to measure personalised lighting.

Interior car park lighting Parkeggio
Choose ORSTEEL Light products for magnificent car parks!

Give a second life to your external car park, by giving it more energy efficient, modern lighting! This is the lighting for the car parks of tomorrow, but also for old car parks undergoing renovation. Opt for top of the range LED projectors in the professional range which are adapted to every corner of your exterior car park. If you want to learn more about lighting underground car parks, stay connected to ORSTEEL Light’s lighting blog.


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