Châteaux lighting: when our know-how can highlight the most beautiful places in France

ORSTEEL Light would like to show you their selection of high end projectors for lighting exceptional places. These light fittings for have been specially selected to respond to very high demands. Their strength? They combine production quality, a design adapted to all medieval and contemporary forms, and showcasing prestigious places. The top of the range light fittings and shaft mounted lights that you will discover are perfect for lighting both the interior and exterior of a chateau.

To embellish your chateau, choose prestige lighting while discovering the expertise of our French LED lighting company: ORSTEEL Light. Above all, the light fittings selected must meet your expectations. For the dream to become reality, please do not hesitate to seek professional advice.  ORSTEEL Light will share its top secrets with you to successfully illuminate a chateau:  Here we go!

Illuminating a chateau according to French rules

In order to meet the standards that are imposed by building architects, you must choose the correct certified light. 

You will have understood, as soon as you make changes to the external and interior appearance of historic monuments such as castles, ancient houses, classified monuments: everything is controlled.  You need to submit an application to an architect from the Bâtiments de France (ABF), even for the installation of a new top of the range LED projector.  In France, there are more than 40 000 listed buildings or classified historical monuments.

For your chateau and its lighting, the best thing is to choose a company like ORSTEEL Light, that has been awarded the Label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company). This official French label is awarded under the patronage of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance to distinguish French companies with excellent industrial know-how, for a period of five years.

If in addition to this, your prestige projectors and light fittings are labelled “Origin France Guaranteed“, then they can but be approved by the architects of the Bâtiments de France.

Lighting your château with a top of the range projector
Enhance your castle with a range of high end LED projectors

The most beautiful illuminations using ORSTEEL Light projectors

Illuminated château Roquebrune Cap Martin
The château of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin illuminated by ORSTEEL Light!

The Chateau in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

The Chateau in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin was founded in 970 by Conrad, First Earl of Ventimiglia. It incorporated all the village at that time. On visiting the medieval village today, you can admire the small streets carved out of the rock, which give incredible charm to this town of 12 000 inhabitants. ORSTEEL Light’s illumination using the powerful “Mylan” projector shows up the colours of this commanding chateau during your evening walks. The system is installed for this outdoor lighting in RGBW, offering you an unparalleled light show, in the image of this classified building.  The illumination of this imposing and majestic monument facing the Mediterranean is a source of pride for ORSTEEL Light.

Monaco Cathedral

Another imposing building illuminated on the Cote d’Azur by ORSTEEL Light projectors:  Monaco Cathedral.

With its Romano-Byzantine style architecture, Monaco Cathedral was built using the white stones typical of La Turbie, a very beautiful town which overlooks the Principality. To showcase such a prestigious building, it was not easy to find the right top of the range lighting which would integrate perfectly. After a lot of thought, we opted for the “Ariane” projector, certified “Origin France Guaranteed” which meets all of the criteria of design, power and discretion that this prestigious place deserves.

Luxury lighting Monaco Cathedral
Monaco Cathedral illuminated by ORSTEEL Light!
Exotic Garden at Eze
Discover the sumptuous Exotic Garden at Eze!

The Exotic Garden of Eze

Illuminating your garden is just as important as the exterior lighting of your castle. For the famous Exotic Garden of Eze for example, the choice of ORSTEEL Light shaft mounted projectors was obvious. The Exotic Garden of Eze is one of the most visited, remarkable gardens in the world. At the summit, it has an exceptional panoramic view of the Cote d’Azur, which extends to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. In the northern part, the caves and the cascade allow sumptuous Mediterranean humidity-loving plants to grow. To highlight these damp zones, ORSTEEL Light’s “LASER” and “FLORA” external shaft mounted projectors were selected.

A range of chateau lighting designed for top French sites

You want to install balanced lighting for your chateau, to obtain a magical illumination? Here are our tips and tricks for fairy tale illumination of your spaces and prestigious monuments…. Because exceptional lighting doesn’t just happen in the movies!

My exterior lighting with prestigious fittings

Creating an illuminated path in French formal gardens is the first step to embellishing these exceptional places. You must bring the garden of your castle alive night and day. To do this, you must choose specifically adjusted lights for each bush, plant, pool in your garden. Call in our Design Office to design your garden and ask a lighting professional to install your projectors. Each spotlight, be it embedded, or shaft mounted, has its importance! Our favourite is the ORAS embedded spotlight; it will give you the impression of being a princess walking through the heart of her castle at night. You will have understood that each speck of light counts, whether on the ground or in plants and high up in trees.

Top of the range garden marker light
The Oras marker light, simple and discreet!

The internal atmosphere of my chateau!

On entering your listed building, visitors must be impressed by the lighting effects that your prestigious lights will give.

Each room should provide a visual show but also chivalric ambiances, whether the light is diffuse, bright or in the shade. To create each atmosphere with these lights, treat yourself to prestigious lighting by ORSTEEL Light. Each light fitting can be adapted to the style of your room. All of this brand’s top of the range lighting products are made to measure with texture and decoration on demand. Are you looking for a prestigious light to integrate into a gold wall? It is quite possible with ORSTEEL Light, your French manufacturer of top of the range LED lighting. You want to offer a magical sight like the Galerie des Glaces at Versailles?  Call our consultants to find the right lighting for your chateau which will give you the powerful, golden light you dream of. Even a torch and candelabras can be replaced by contemporary high end LED lighting.

So, hesitate no longer, ask ORSTEEL Light for advice about lighting your chateau, both interior and exterior. With a luxury light fitting adapted to any situation, pull out the stops and impress your visitors!


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