What lighting around a swimming pool ? Discover the latest trends!

Lighting is essential to meet the new security standards around swimming pools but also to brighten the different moods in your garden. The illumination of your swimming pool and Led lighting around its periphery should be designed ahead.  It is essential to choose the right submersible swimming pool spotlight and the right IP68 projector for the garden. For your inspiration, ORSTEEL Light will reveal the major trends in order to profit from a dynamic environment around your pool, both day and night !!!!!

First trend: lighting in harmony with the pool and the garden

The periphery of the pool as well as the swimming pool itself must meet safety standards when lit. Submersible LED projectors will harmonize with your garden lighting, even regarding safety.

You should choose good submersible LED projectors which match those already installed in your garden.

The result and the look of this harmonious light will amaze you when seen from your home.

Lighting around the swimming pool
Discover the most beautiful lighting effects around your pool in harmony with your garden

If you go to your pool for night swims, think about installing IP68 exterior marker lights along your path. ORSTEEL Light submersible exterior lights such as the ORAS or UFO can be controlled by the same lighting system.  Remember to standardise everything, even the control system. To maintain this harmony, you should not be dazzled from your home when looking out. Everything lies in the subtlety of your installations and in the choice of adapted garden lights.

Second trend: unique lighting which is adapted to your needs 

The new designs in LED projectors show the latest trend in round the pool lighting. Like your interior, the garden around your exterior aquatic space should reflect your image and not resemble any other. This also applies to the choice of shaft mounted garden spotlights which blend into the landscape.

In effect, lighting around the pool can now be custom designed as if it were a room in your home. You need to consider the projected contemporary lighting around your pool as a lighting masterpiece. In order to best personalise it, our LED shaft mounted lights such as the MELINA, the FLORA or the BELUGE are IP68 standard, which is ideal for LED lighting around a swimming pool. Use these projectors to highlight the periphery of your pool, the steps or your favourite decorative plants.

The pool will become a more vibrant luminous area, more modern and designer than with boring conventional lighting:  ideal for your beautiful summer evenings!

Lighting around the swimming pool with colour effects
Enjoy swimming pool light effects adapted to your architectural style

Third trend: harmonized colours and light effects

The top fashion in LED lighting around the outside of your swimming pool: directable LED light in RGBW and dynamic white. With this technology you can have submersible projectors with scenarios and colour variations in keeping with the periphery of your swimming pool.

And what if your garden and swimming pool became a low consumption Versailles? Why not live this crazy dream? Combining energy saving and design is now possible! For the planting around your pool to be both well-lit and showcased, choose our flush mounted spotlights in the sides of the pool.

There are an infinite number of possible colours with unprecedented LED light effects which are controlled by using a DMX remote control unit. You only need to press a button to pre-program a magical light show around your swimming pool.

In other words, each party can have its own lighting according to the themes, the seasons and summer evenings. For example, if you organize a party at night around your pool or a barbecue with friends in your garden, the programmed lighting to highlight your pool area will never be the same.

Play with colours and become a true illumination artist for your garden and the areas around your pool!

Fourth trend: designer, contemporary architectural lighting around your swimming pool

If the interior of the pool needs to be lit with submersible projectors, such as our best-seller the TALOS, you should also add allure to your garden, so that the approaches to the pool stand out, because illuminating the garden around your pool produces real visual harmony.

The paths that lead to your pool area must therefore be highlighted by embedded spotlights such as the COSI or even shaft mounted lights like our new MELINA. Don’t forget to light up the plants, trees and shrubs which delineate the edge of your swimming pool area, using shade and light.

Architectural lighting around the swimming pool
Architecture is the heart of current lighting trends around your pool

Decorative objects around the swimming pool, like a statue, a hand shower, a diving board or a fountain should also be showcased in an architectural manner, like real pieces of art.

Regardless of the design of your swimming pool and your garden, LED spotlights will need to be carefully chosen. The result?  Everything around your swimming pool will blend perfectly into the backdrop of your garden.

In addition to the functional aspect of lighting around a swimming pool, thanks to new lighting trends, anything can be possible… Play with the materials and objects around your pool, either with hot or cold white lights or even with a light show. Take the time to create a place that looks like you near your pool! It is on trend and within reach with the help of ORSTEEL Light.


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