The Top 10 mistakes not to make when choosing your interior lighting

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Imagine the interior lighting of your dreams for your home with the most beautiful recessed ceiling lights for your living room, dining room…

Installing a beautiful recessed ceiling spotlight is not an easy task. You must respect the power output and many electrical standards. Making your interior safe is essential!  Even better than just advising you, here are all the pitfalls to avoid!
Here we go!

Light your interior with our recessed spotlights
Highlight your interior with our recessed ceiling spotlights!

1. Wanting to manage by yourself: Doing it yourself

Here are the questions that you will very quickly ask yourself when installing your spotlights or recessed ceiling lights:  can someone confirm that there will be no overheating? Or that the electronic transformer will not cut out? I have LED spotlights which flash, I don’t understand why? Should the wiring of my recessed spotlights be in series or in parallel? And what is the power of my spotlights?

Only a qualified professional electrician can deal with such an installation and ensure your safety. Doing it yourself is not always the best solution; even if tutorials exist on the Internet, choose the security of your interior lighting.  We are not talking about a piece of furniture, which, if it is poorly assembled, will simply make your décor look a little unusual, we are talking about safety, responsibility and standards to respect…

2. Choosing interior recessed spotlights without respecting the standards in force

Companies that sell spotlights for your interior that comply with standards must follow the French Lighting Union’s charter.

For example, your LED interior spotlight must have an objective luminous flux equipped with its optic. Also, the light’s assigned effectiveness must be equal to its outgoing flux divided by its total power. The cables for your interior spotlight must be IP68. The lights must have Class III protection and be designed for a very low voltage for security transformers.

3. Prefer a company which has signed the interior lighting charter

The Lighting Union is the professional body which unites the manufacturers of interior lighting, but also those proposing solutions for the exterior, lighting columns, electrical and electronic control gear, lighting management and control systems, as well as associated services. With 50 members including ORSTEEL Light, the mission of the Lighting Union is to promote and defend the lighting industry. It is divided into 3 major axes:  promoting the positive values and the benefits of lighting, promoting lighting in the establishment of energy transition, and promoting the sector.

The objectives of this new LED Charter are to strengthen user knowledge and confidence, to provide project managers with the data they expect, to serve as a framework for threshold values inherent to their specific activities that they will set independently, to facilitate the drafting of specifications, and the control of lighting projects, and ensure efficient quality lighting renovations.

Highlight your kitchen with recessed lights
Make your kitchen a pleasant place to be!

4. Forgetting the location of the recessed spotlights in your suspended plasterboard ceiling

From the outset you need the right tools: LED spotlights, a connector terminal, a distribution box, a hole saw to the correct dimension of the body of the spotlight, wire cutter, stripping pliers, a cable. In short, a proper professional tool kit.

Attention, before drilling it is important to cut off the power! Once you have taken this precaution, you can use a pencil to trace the place where the recessed ceiling spotlights will be installed. In order not to come across pipes or electrical ducts, try not to proceed without thinking, you must be careful in selecting the locations. You can then pierce the suspended ceiling at your marked places. Your recessed ceiling spotlight has a transformer, so take care to install it in a distribution box for example. This avoids heating and guarantees a longer life for your interior light. Finally, make sure that you have enough height under the ceiling to install your interior spotlight.

5. Too much brightness for your interior

Too much is too much! Recessed LED ceiling lights are ideal for all living rooms (lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms) for all contemporary and modern styles.

These recessed ceiling spotlights can be directly connected to the 220V network but as we saw above, it is better to call in a professional. They blend perfectly into your interior décor better than the old energy consuming halogen spotlights.

Usually a 5W LED spotlight enables you to replace a classic 50W halogen, or a saving of more than 80% on your electricity bill. But installing too many could compromise the feng shui of your interior and make your house look like a Christmas tree throughout the year. You must calculate the number of LED ceiling spotlights per room for your interior lighting.

6. Badly positioning your recessed spotlights

Each recessed ceiling spotlight must be placed at a certain distance from your walls. They can also be installed with specific shapes, especially if you put in an installation with RGBW colour changes.

You must conform with distances and take care to calculate everything beforehand to get the perfect lighting for each room of your house, just as you have always dreamed.

7. Not thinking of protecting your recessed spotlight with a heat dissipator

This heat dissipator added to your recessed spotlight allows you to avoid any contact between your glass wool insulation and the back of your spotlight.

It is a device which is generally placed directly through the spotlight hole that has been made in the ceiling and keeps the insulation away from the heat created by the spotlight. The advantage of ORSTEEL Light’s recessed ceiling spotlights is that they have an integrated heat dissipator.

8. Have interior lighting that consumes too much energy

Your lighting should not be energy-consuming. Thanks to new generation recessed spotlights, you can benefit from all the power of top of the range lighting with low electricity consumption. This little jewel of technology contributes to the environmental cause, so forget halogens and other energy consuming spotlights!

Don’t choose a negative atmosphere for your interior lighting:  like a white which is too cold or too hot.  How to choose the correct colour temperature? And what if you set up your lighting using our remote controlled DMX module? There is nothing better than a beautiful installation in your living room with multicoloured lighting effects. You will also surprise your guests and create the atmosphere of your dreams.

9. The wrong installation in a damp environment, please rescue my bathroom

For your wet rooms, you need specially adapted recessed spotlights if they are located above your shower or bathtub.

You should choose lighting as close as possible to natural light. When applying make-up, it is important to have the right LED spotlight with the correct light temperature.

10. Not fulfilling your dreams and pleasure

We have already reached the end of our advice, but do not neglect the notion of pleasure and take this project to heart.

It is not simply a case of realizing the beautiful technical installation of your interior spotlights but having the effect you wish for. To have an interior that resembles you is the objective to fix.


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