5 reasons for trusting ORSTEEL light for illuminated cellar, garages and caves!

Don’t consider the lighting of your cellars, garages and caves as purely a question of practicality and safety. With ORSTEEL light, the illumination of these areas has finally become cosmetic and as important as the lighting of your swimming pool, your kitchen or your entries. You often ask us how to highlight these sometimes disregarded areas, so here are 5 reasons to trust ORSTEEL Light to have illuminated cellar, garage and cave.

Lighting your cellar, cave or garage, ORSTEEL Light will respond to all your wishes
Choose ORSTEEL Light to illuminate your cellars, caves and garages!

Waterproof lighting for wet zones

Dampness is a common feature between cellars, garages and caves.  It is therefore essential to find a solution to highlight them without altering the quality of your lighting projectors. To do this, ORSTEEL Light proposes waterproof lighting for wet zones. How? By developing projectors with an IP69* protection rating together with its Design Office. That means spotlights which are dust proof and protected against high-pressure cleaning and steam jets : perfect for illuminated cellar, a garage or a cave, those areas which are subject to moisture and dirt.

*IP69 ORSTEEL Light places personalised service and quality at the heart of its concerns. We want what is best for our clients, this is why all our submersible projectors are protected to the maximum level.   

Immediate, exceptional lighting

Light up your wine cellar with precision
Brighten up your wine cellar with ORSTEEL Light projectors!

At ORSTEEL Light we rely on one lighting technology for all our projectors:  LED. The Light Emitting Diode is the ideal solution for lighting cellars, caves and garages. Indeed, it has many advantages. It reaches full power instantly:  no need to wait for the bulb to preheat before going into these dark places. In addition, LED lighting is not aggressive: you will no longer be blinded each time you switch on the light. A solution to better appreciate these places where you only spend a short time (of course, we are not talking here of car or motorcycle enthusiasts who spend their Sundays working on their vehicle).

Soft lighting, excellent for conservation

The LED technology that is found in ORSTEEL Light products gives you soft lighting, recommended for conserving property, painted surfaces and walls. In effect, it produces very little radiation and heat, which does not create any light-related ageing. For example, you can use ORSTEEL Light LED projectors to light a wine cellar. Thanks to LED technology, the “taste of light” phenomenon is finished:  choose the lighting temperature best suited to the proper conservation of the wine (do not exceed 2700K) and you will avoid the adverse effects of light on your bottles.

Energy saving and ecological

To avoid altering the conservation or preservation of a place such as a cave, it is essential not to alter its ecosystem and its climate. Thanks to a service life of about 30,000 hours for a LED compared to 10,000 hours for a low energy bulb and 2 500 hours for a halogen lamp, you will limit the replacement of your projectors and the resulting work. At the same time, you will make energy savings (80% less energy consumption compared to a filament bulb) and you reduce your bill.

Embellish your spaces with ORSTEEL Light cellar and corridor lighting
Your garages and corridors are transformed with ORSTEEL Light!

An impressive size/power ratio

You are the technical director of a cave and you want to change your lighting system? Our ground embedded spotlights are ideal for caves and their conservation. They give optimal light output which will not impair the state of the walls and paintings. In addition, they are very discreet and unobtrusive. If you opt for the Microlight, the Nanolight or the Tchitchou, you will get the perfect balance between protection and valorisation of your cave.

Now you know why you should trust ORSTEEL Light to illuminate your cellar, garage or cave. If you want to learn more about lighting these places and our projectors, please send a contact request or call us on 04 93 85 98 30.


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