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A swimming pool is for relaxation and recreation:  it is a true way of life. All around it, there is garden furniture adapted to aquatic environments, inflatable or rigid hot tubs.
How about a glass of champagne by the swimming pool using colour changing immersed illumination via our integrated DMX variator?
Bringing the night lighting of your swimming pool alive to impress your guests and friends is a dream which is easy to realise.

Our submersed spotlights allow you to benefit from low energy-consuming lighting with our LED projectors.

How to optimize the lighting of your swimming pool?

Submersible LED projectors are the lighting solution for your swimming pool.  The integrated LED in our pool lights offers two considerable advantages:  the economic aspect for your purse (low electricity consumption) and the recreational and fun aspect with the chance to play in an endless range of colours.

Have you already thought of replacing your classic swimming pool projector with one of our submersed projectors? Do you know how much money per year our LED swimming pool lights can save you?

We are at your service to find the best swimming pool lighting solutions for you.

Lighting a pool with an ORSTEEL LED projector
Make your swimming pool beautiful with Orsteel Light!

Our top 5 tips for designer swimming pool lighting

You need to think differently about submersed lighting for your guests and children. Security around a pool is extremely important, that’s why you really need to know how to light your swimming pool efficiently.

In addition, the law requires all owners of private pools to install obligatory security devices around their swimming pool. Our Orphie and Talos submersible spotlights meet these criteria.

You also have to add a submersed swimming pool alarm. The best is a security cover which closes over the swimming pool in your absence. You must fence in and cover your pool. Our submersed spotlights from the Silure and Nemo ranges can also be used in the pool machine room and the pool house. Finally, adding this equipment can save lives and prevent drowning.

Make your swimming pool beautiful with Orsteel Light!
Make your swimming pool beautiful with Orsteel Light!

However, there are still essential rules to put into practice for your security around both outdoor and indoor pools.

For their safety, children should never be left unattended and must wear inflatable arm bands. Learning first aid is also necessary and useful for everyone. With our swimming pool spotlights and their perfect illumination, any presence in or out of the water will be as visible at night as in full daylight.

You can enjoy your aquatic space tranquilly, thanks to our professional and safe submersed lights.

Give us your ideas for innovative submersed lighting products!

Now our tips have been clearly outlined, you are ready to read more. Let us hear your ideas, and tastefully realize the magical lighting of your swimming pool!


It is a single space where you can combine several activities centred around the swimming pool. Your pool house can be lit with our damp-proof external spotlights and projectors such as the Dragonnet.

Your space could consist of a corner for relaxation, massages, a herbal tea room, a shower, a summer kitchen. Set up a storage area, ideal for all your pool accessories!
To this you could add a sauna or a hot tub to create the perfect pool house for a zen attitude and relaxation after a long day’s work. It adds an extra space to your home for a unique lifestyle around your indoor or outdoor swimming pool.


An aquatic garden, a palm tree in the centre of your swimming pool lit with our swimming pool spotlights and light effects is possible! You are on the path to perfection with a green space included! Who said that lighting your swimming pool was complicated?
Do not hesitate to call in swimming pool professionals and landscape architects who will create original contemporary installations, to make your aquatic environment a magical one. Our lighting concept Design Office will give you a 3D demonstration of the lighting for your new green space around the pool with our garden spotlights and submersed projectors before they are even installed. Our teams of professionals are here to meet all your expectations.

Learn how you can enhance your ponds and fountains with submersed projectors.


ORSTEEL Light pool spotlight with permanent submersion cable
Light up your swimming pool with the Orphie projector!

Experience a light show of colours and magical atmospheres with our wide choice of submersible spotlights which will suit all your moods. Our made to measure projectors mean that ORSTEEL Light can offer you the right spotlight to illuminate your pool.

Our team of professionals will help you to define the perfect lighting for your swimming pool and take you on a beautiful contemporary adventure through diurnal light.

Proceeding with the installation of your submersible projectors

If you have a swimming pool lighting project, there are a few points to improve your installation. To make savings, opt for our LED submersed projectors and a program controller in order to switch on the lights only when you are present or when you want to simulate a presence.

Wait no more and become an expert in the French made illumination of your swimming pool!


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