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At nightfall, your garden will begin a second life.
Enjoy this unique moment to see your hedges, flower beds, lawns, flowers and bushes differently.
Beautiful light will plunge you into an architectural world of dreams and poetry.
ORSTEEL Light, specialist in high end lighting pools and fountains and for the illumination of your garden, will help you to reveal all its mysteries.

Light up your pools and fountains with submersible projectors.
Highlight your pools and fountains with submersible projectors

Showcasing your pools and fountains

Make your pool more luminous and alive than ever

Our LED lights are strongly recommended for your lighting.  Energy efficient, 316L stainless steel submersible projectors are suitable for lighting ponds and fountains. They are also perfect for safe lighting. Projectors can also illuminate and highlight all your plants. All your desires will be met by ORSTEEL Light illuminations.

Organize the lighting of your ponds and fountains with a Feng Shui installation.

For constructions, you must bear in mind several factors for lighting:

    • The quality of the materials: ORSTEEL Light, manufacturer of top of the range lighting, guarantees the quality of all its spotlights with the Origin France Guaranteed label and the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label.
    • Surface finishes: when lights and their effect are preplanned in the lighting design office, each lighting project is thought out upstream in an architectural manner.
    • Relief: the lower the intensity of the light, the more it must be low-angled to provide substance and volume. ORSTEEL Light is an expert in precision lighting.
    • For water features, you must take account of the height and the breadth of the jet to be illuminated. The strength of the light is determined according to the distance between the site and the house. Submersible projectors are positioned so that the light can pass through the jets and the water droplets.

Bring the lighting of your pools and fountains to life

You want to light up the pretty fountain at the bottom of your garden? Or to add zest to your jacuzzi? ORSTEEL Light’s range of submersible products are your solution and this article will guide you!

Lighting pools and fountains is the decorative touch that will make all the difference.

And what if your fountain was lit in blue or green, or in purple, mauve, pink and even yellow? Play with palettes of colour using our DMX512 controller and DE3 stick.

Our top of the range 316L stainless steel submersible projectors will perfectly meet your expectations for greater enjoyment! They will be able to adapt to any place, size or type of water and they are customizable! Your fountains can be any colour that you want with our RGBW/RGB submersible lighting installations. This LED lighting together with our flush mounted projectors will produce incredible illuminations.

Be tempted by illuminated pools and fountains
Illuminate your fountains with our submersible projectors!

Our advice for a submersible projector

We recommend the following from our range, guaranteed 3 years:

    • The ORPHIE submersible projector: full power for all aquatic areas, ideal for fountains and pools and even in a marine environment. It consumes little energy, thanks to its LED technology.
    • The BLADE submersible spotlight: suitable for wall or ground mounting with its adaptable connection. An easily installed flush mountable spotlight which uses LED technology to enhance all your outdoor and submersed lighting.
    • The BALLISTE IP68 standard submersible projector: this high quality projector produces a powerful luminous flux which will beautifully enhance any water feature. To install at the bottom of your pool for an elegant and relaxing effect.

Our submersible projectors, in addition to being equipped with a wide palette of colours, are constructed in 316L stainless steel. This material is not prone to corrosion and, therefore will not rust. Whether or not your projectors are in chlorinated water, we guarantee you the best quality. In addition to this, the IP68 protection index ensures a very long life for our submersible projectors. In effect, IP68 ensures complete impermeability, including to dust, as well as prolonged immersion.

Please be aware that all our lighting products use LED bulbs, which promise qualitative lighting, which is both ecological and economical!


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