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By illuminating your exterior spaces you can profit from your garden and swimming pool, even at night… See our advice and inspirations for the latest submersible lighting which will create the architectural feature you dream of.

Just imagine a summer evening, sipping cocktails beside your swimming pool, feet in the water. The perfect scene…

Swimming pool lighting is essential for your security, but it is possible to combine tranquillity and beauty! Decorating your pool is not something to take lightly, it is the most important element of your exterior! A well-lit swimming pool only has benefits. It allows you to take full advantage of your pool, to see where you’re going and decorate your exterior.

Beautiful house with stylish submersible lighting.
Look ahead with submersible lighting!

The importance of exterior lighting

Discover the latest submersible lighting for a luminous pool
Discover ORSTEEL Light’s high end projectors for your pool

You want to create a festive or romantic atmosphere? All our products are equipped with a remote control that allows you to choose the colour of your submersible projector.  Red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, everything is possible with ORSTEEL Light! This is the decorative touch which will make all the difference.

To avoid accidents, don’t forget to light your terrace for effective lighting around your swimming pool.

We have several top of the range lights which will provide efficient protection and avoid the risk of drowning.

Today, the market offers a large choice of submersible projectors to personalize your swimming pool, both day and night.

Here are some tips for safety and decoration

For all in-ground, simple shaped swimming pools, your submersible projectors must be between 30 and 90 centimetres below the rim of the pool.  Your home and pool house must be placed behind them (in order to avoid being dazzled by the glare) and they must be positioned along the length of the wall.
The number of submersible projectors to install depends on the size of your swimming pool.  In general, for pools of less than 40m², a single projector is enough. If you want to play with the depth of the water, you can double the number of projectors along the longest side.

Our selection of projectors for the latest submersible lighting

You want your pool to become the heart of your garden? Then choose ORSTEEL Light submersible projectors, guaranteed 2 years! Among them:

For modern submersible lighting, discover the Orphie projector
Orphie submersible projector
For modern submersible lighting, discover the Nemo projector
Nemo flush mounted submersible projector
For modern submersible lighting, discover the HIPPOCAMPE projector
HIPPOCAMPE stainless steel submersible projector

In addition to lighting, pool owners must install at least one of the four devices listed below:

    • A protective fence (NF P90-306)
    • An audible alarm system (submersed alarm alerting to a child falling in the water) (NF P90-307)
    • A safety pool cover (NF P90-308)
    • A shelter such as a veranda covering the entire pool (NF P90-309)

In the event of non-compliance, you risk a fine of 45,000 €

For modern submersible lighting, let yourself be tempted by ORSTEEL Light projectors.
To create a haven of peace around your pool, choose ORSTEEL Light

The added touch:  Do you know about these fabulous multicoloured luminous floating balls?  These small, very eye-catching decorative items will make all the difference by creating a magical atmosphere to enhance your pool.

Take the time to choose spotlights that combine beauty and security for the swimming pool of your dreams.

Our range of submersible projectors brings together a dozen articles that will delight you. You only have to take the plunge!


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