Top of the range Lighting: How do you know who to trust?

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Read this article to discover how to find the right company to trust with all your top of the range lighting. Trust ORSTEEL Light to guide you in your choice of interior, exterior and submersed lighting.

Choose noble materials

Our top of the range lights are all made from noble materials such as bronze, 316L stainless steel, brass…
They are designed, developed and manufactured in small almost artisan production units. Each product is valued as an artefact. These top of the range projectors must stand up to time, to all weather variations – humidity, heat and bad weather.

The resistance of a lighting product is the guarantee of choosing quality.

ORSTEEL Light, French manufacturer of high end LED projectors
Shopfront lit by ORSTEEL Light top of the range lights

Our experts are at your disposal to help you choose your top of the range lighting

The company which manufactures your lighting product will bring you made to measure know-how, availability and local service.

Your problems regarding top of the range lighting, design or light management can be resolved by the services of a dedicated professional Design Office and by a methods and industrialisation office. Your demands concerning quality will be guaranteed by a contractual commitment with the manufacturing company and the level of service you have chosen. The implementation of the ISO 9001v2017 standard will also ensure top quality service. It is equally important to ensure that your lighting is certified Origin France Guaranteed.

Choose a company which manufactures top of the range lighting products

The manufacture of quality spotlights and projectors is a unique expertise which can be found in France. ORSTEEL Light, a family business that is over 10 years old, has developed this French expertise in top of the range lighting.

In effect, ORSTEEL Light is a Cote d’Azur based company and is firmly implanted in its geographic area. Managed by enthusiastic and experienced industrialists, our manufacturing plant aims to provide its clients with all the technological expertise of this family group. In addition, we are committed to the manufacture of ecological and responsible top of the range lighting products.

Top of the range spotlights
Work in all serenity with your ORSTEEL Light products!

French made, guaranteed quality and reliability

The excellence of high end French quality in the world of lighting is shown by the two certified labels which are the Origin France Guaranteed label and the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label. These two labels mean we can confirm that all our spotlights are made from French components. Everything is manufactured on site in the case of ORSTEEL Light and the spotlights are therefore all certified and guaranteed for 5 years.

This double label means that you need not fear being misled by us concerning the choice and the quality of the lighting products that we offer you!

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label is a recognized State distinction which officially designates French companies with excellent craftmanship and industrial skills. The Origin France Guaranteed label ensures to all the company’s clients that the product is exclusively French. It also ensures that between 50% and 100% of the unit cost of this product is acquired and repaid in France.

Assured traceability

The Origin France guaranteed label also means that consumers can trace the origin of a product. We give an objective indication of origin because it is doubly manufactured in France.

That is why ORSTEEL Light products can adorn your home, your gardens and aquatic areas in Made in France.

Our company has developed models aimed at lighting professionals and private individuals looking for a genuine quality service. Our lighting collections result from our experts’ research into lighting design and through our Design Office. No detail has been left to chance!

Each lighting product bears our trademark like a designer brand and can be customized according to your wishes. Our laser engraving workshop also enables you to integrate your logo and your name.

Finally, you might also want to have gold-plated or silver rendering in your high end spotlights and Projectors. Everything Is possible, even the choice of a colour to match your home. Why not plump for originality with a blue, purple or even pink spotlight?

Stairs lit with ORSTEEL Light’s top of the range lights
Highlight your stairs with ORSTEEL Light!

Enhance the magic of your surroundings by choosing customised top of the range internal or external lighting! Thanks to ORSTEEL light, you can easily choose the lighting which will highlight all the prestige of your surroundings. ORSTEEL Light can bring luxury directly to your home.

A quality after-sales service

Choose a top flight after-sales service.

Lighting products should have a 5 year guarantee with an effective after-sales service. A top-of-the-range service aims to take care of all its customers. Each after-sales service is important; the brand image of the company that sells you your spotlights and projectors is also important.

The company must guarantee you rapid support and keep you informed as soon as possible. In addition, it is essential to take care of every customer. Top of the range lighting products must be individually packaged so that the products ordered are in separate packets. Each spotlight is manipulated and assembled with care. Top of the range lights are treated like jewellery which we must take the greatest care of.

It is the same for a top of the range after-sales service, each customer is given outstanding care. ORSTEEL Light, a top of the range lighting manufacturer, can offer all this with its teams of experts. Their aim is to quickly find all the possible solutions to respond to your requests.

So, make the right choice by selecting a certified top of the range projector:  you will gain in quality for your home, your interior and exterior.


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