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Share a moment around the swimming pool, gather for dinner on the terrace, or walk in a garden lit with a thousand lights – these are precious moments that it is important to create. Your outdoor space will be enhanced by the creation of different lighting zones using exterior spotlights. You will bring the most beautiful places in your house alive!

How to integrate your exterior spotlights. What range of products do we offer to create different atmospheres? Vibrant walkways, an illuminated path to your swimming pool… Discover our ideas for highlighting your exterior and create a unique atmosphere in your garden.

A few reminders about lighting your exterior spaces

Your lighting must comply with certain points to ensure your safety and that of your guests.

For practical reasons, accesses (paths, roads) should be lit in priority to avoid amusing or dangerous experiences:  the guest who reverses his car over the beautiful maple tree you imported from Japan, the last step that you didn’t see and on which you trip at the end of the evening…
Lighting up your paths should provide all the security that your garden deserves!

For large dark corners, a moving head projector (architectural and landscape lighting) or a linear projector (high power lighting for larger elements) will add value to your outside space. For security, they can also be used to detect any movement.

illuminate your pool with ORSTEEL Light high-end spotlights
Choose high-end lighting for your swimming pool

Another important point is glare! Moving around without getting the full beam in your face requires some precautions.
This can be easily solved if your lighting is mobile. For fixed or recessed lighting, do not hesitate to test your equipment before installing it.

Give us your ideas for innovative submersible lighting products!

If this accelerated exercise has been successful, you will be clearly ready to go on to the next step. Take out your magic wand and discover how to light up your exterior elements for a bright garden!

Walkways and paths

Walkways and paths form the links between each of your exterior spaces:  a short walk to a new universe. However, when night falls they only exist thanks to your outdoor lighting. For a unique feeling, the distance between the lights can be irregular and asymmetrical. Create variety by playing with the decor, the plants or surrounding elements. This is an essential point for a warm and intimate atmosphere!

Trees, rocks and sculptures…

Look out for unique trees, unusual objects like sculptures, fountains or rocks. Elements which will give substance to your garden at night. In addition, to highlight them, you can use a low angle, which means positioning the spotlight on the ground and turning it upwards, revealing the forms of the element.

Learn how you can embellish your ponds and fountains with submersed projectors.

External spotlights for your gardens
Discover a spectacular universe with ORSTEEL Light’s spotlights!

The Swimming pool

ORSTEEL Light’s submersible projectors
Nemo submersible projector

Get to your swimming pool along a path lit by lights imitating candles for an intimate atmosphere, or by recessed spotlights for a touch of elegance. In addition, if you have the possibility, you can embed luminous projectors in the edges of the swimming pool, giving a soft glow of light all around.

For the inside of the swimming pool, a large choice of submersible spotlights will match up with the effect you’re looking for, why not using multicolour spotlights.
Caution, electrical installations in water require the intervention of a professional.

Walls of the house and the terrace

The walls of your home can be decorated with multiple light sources to adapt to each of your moods. For a relaxing atmosphere, go for small scattered lights. If you want to illuminate a terrace to receive guests, think of surrounding the table with glare-free lights turned toward the ground, or fixed on the wall of your home.

To go further with the installation of your exterior spotlights

If you have already defined the lighting for your home, there might be a few points to finalise your project.. To make savings, you can install a movement detector for the exterior areas you use less often, as well as solar panels to fuel the smaller lights.

Anther installation which quickly becomes indispensable is a dimmer switch, which will allow you to adapt your lighting to the atmosphere.

To light your interiors, discover the interior decoration trends using LED spotlights.


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