LED lighting or energy-saving bulbs: Which should I choose?

LED lighting or energy-saving bulbs: the choice is difficult
LED lighting, the best solution for present-day lighting

You want to carry out renovation work in a room or outside that requires changing the lighting?  You are creating a new building and you wonder how to light it? You can’t decide whether to choose LED lights or energy-saving bulbs?

Discover our tips in this article to make the right choice.  No more mistakes, you will know all about lighting technologies for the home.

LED lighting or energy-saving bulbs: the traditional aspect

Since their launch in 1974, low energy bulbs, also called energy-saving bulbs, have taken over from traditional bulbs (halogen and filament light bulbs), which are deemed excessively polluting.

But what are their real benefits?

A wide range: choice and yet more choice

To begin with, energy-saving bulbs have a non-negligible advantage.  They can adapt to a very large number of lamp caps, thanks to a very wide regularly renewed range.  Worry no more whether your sconce or your lamp matches your light bulb.  With an energy-saving bulb, it does! It is therefore very easy to change them from one support and one room to another.

Price: to make short-term savings

The second significant advantage is its price! In effect, energy-saving bulbs enjoy a good price-quality ratio because they last six to fifteen times longer than traditional light bulbs (approximately 10 000 hours). Their quality price ratio in the short term is therefore very good and allows you to make excellent savings.

But in the last few years, the energy-saving bulb has seen the breakthrough of the LED (light-emitting diode) onto the market. With the end of the sale of halogen bulbs at the end of 2018, LEDS have become the alternative number one for interior and exterior lighting. Its market is in full expansion and should, according to a study of Grand View Research, grow annually by 15% up to 2025. In effect, the LED is more complete than low energy light bulbs. The two advantages presented earlier exist in the LED, but this also has other positive points that make it much more interesting than the energy-saving bulb.

LED lighting or energy-saving bulbs: the innovative aspect

On the other side of the spectrum, we find LED lighting.  Arriving on the scene in the years 2000, ORSTEEL Light has made it their speciality. We have set store on this measure because we believe in the benefits of this lighting technology. Discover our selection of the best arguments in favour of the light emitting diode.

Environmentally friendly: the responsible purchase

The first non-negligible point in choosing between a LED or an energy-saving light bulb is the ecological impact.  LEDS do not use gas pollutants in their manufacturing process. In addition, they are recyclable, which is not the case of certain traditional bulbs.

LED lighting or energy-saving bulbs
Beautify your interior and exterior areas with LED lighting!

Economical: the long-term investment

LEDS are also economical, since they have a life up to fifty times longer than traditional light bulbs (50 000 hours for the LED, against 1 000 hours for filament bulbs). Their electricity consumption is also lower, since 10 LED bulbs operating 6 hours per day, have a cost of 30€ at the end of the year against 40€ for an energy-saving bulb and 200€ for a filament bulb.

Effectiveness: Quality above all

The efficiency of LEDS is also a strong point for them. In effect, they produce no heat when they are running and light up instantly, in contrast to energy-saving bulbs, which take a few minutes before reaching their maximum power. Wait no longer to take advantage of all your lighting potential, with LEDs you will have instant light.

Aesthetics: the extra touch you need

Light up your reading with the Roya reading light
Create your reading corner with the Roya reading light!

Finally, the aesthetic possibilities are endless. With ORSTEEL Light projectors you can choose the colour of your lighting and its intensity, creating different atmospheres depending on where you want to use them. The colour rendering is exceptional and you will feel good at home, even in your bed, with ORSTEEL Light projectors.

Between LED or energy-saving lighting, you will have guessed, we opt for the first option: The LED.  Although its purchase price is slightly higher than energy-saving light bulbs, the comfort of a led is significantly higher. In addition, you will make significant energy savings, up to 150€ per year on the basis of 10 bulbs. If you needed one last argument in favour of LED lighting, that’s it!


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