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ORSTEEL Light would like to show you their selection of high end projectors for lighting exceptional places. These light fittings for have been specially selected to respond to very high demands. Their strength? They combine production quality, a design adapted to all medieval and contemporary forms, and showcasing prestigious places. The top of the range ...
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9 December 2019
An external car park is one of the most difficult places to light. We have to meet many standards in terms of regulation and installation, which sometimes complicates the choice of LED light for your external car park lighting. You don’t have to light your outdoor car park with massive, very tall posts, the trend ...
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4 November 2019
Lighting is essential to meet the new security standards around swimming pools but also to brighten the different moods in your garden. The illumination of your swimming pool and Led lighting around its periphery should be designed ahead.  It is essential to choose the right submersible swimming pool spotlight and the right IP68 projector for ...
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25 October 2019