Monthly Archives: November 2018

At nightfall, your garden will begin a second life. Enjoy this unique moment to see your hedges, flower beds, lawns, flowers and bushes differently. Beautiful light will plunge you into an architectural world of dreams and poetry. ORSTEEL Light, specialist in high end lighting pools and fountains and for the illumination of your garden, will ...
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19 November 2018
By illuminating your exterior spaces you can profit from your garden and swimming pool, even at night... See our advice and inspirations for the latest submersible lighting which will create the architectural feature you dream of. Just imagine a summer evening, sipping cocktails beside your swimming pool, feet in the water. The perfect scene… Swimming ...
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14 November 2018
You want to dress up your inner and outer walls with the most beautiful lights, but you don’t know how to choose? Don’t panic! In this article we will explain how you can lighting up your home with top of the range projectors which will suit your spaces. Luxury for my interior The design and ...
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8 November 2018