Architectural illumination for facades and monuments

ORSTEEL Light, a name in top of the range LED lighting equipment

You are an architect, electrician working for a territorial community or for a private villa? You want to illuminate a monument and can’t find a solution?  Don’t panic, ORSTEEL Light has a wide choice of powerful projectors to suit all your needs.

It’s the latest fashion to light up the town hall in red, white, blue… to use lighting effects to highlight monuments, towers, castles, churches, cathedrals, indeed all French and international heritage sites.  Create an impression with feature lighting on your bridges and roundabouts and in your hotels, museums and design villas:  enjoy the best contemporary architectural lighting with ORSTEEL Light!

ORSTEEL Light offers you powerful and aesthetic LED lighting solutions for the most amazing architectural lighting projects. Our lights are custom made in Contes, in the Alpes-Maritimes and are therefore labelled “Origin France Guaranteed”.

A custom made projector for every profession!

Local Community – Architect – Landscape architect – Electrician
Monaco Cathedral by ORSTEEL

Local Community

  • Whether you want to illuminate a bridge, a fountain, or a lake, we will grant your wishes.
  • We will create the LED power projectors that match your individual projects.
  • We manufacture custom-made solutions, which are rain resistant for safe use.
Architecture of a house with ORSTEEL


  • Enjoy top of the range know how using noble materials for your projects in France and abroad.
  • Just imagine, we can design bespoke projectors for all your clients’ projects.
  • Enjoy privileged contacts with an excellent brand that is “Origin France Guaranteed” & has the “Living Heritage Company” label

Landscape Architect

  • Choose your made to measure, high end projector which will blend into the landscape thanks to our wide choice of colours and shapes.
  • Our Design Office specialised in the conception of 3D lighting is a plus for the preparation of your customers’ projects.
  • Whether moving head or embeddable, our projectors adapt to all types of materials.
Orsteel Light illuminations for local authorities


  • We offer watertight solutions, which can be used totally submersed or outside.
  • NOur Mechanical and Electronic Design Office can design 3D lighting solutions.
  • Our solutions are adaptable to fresh or salt water.
House with high end lighting

Why choose ORSTEEL Light ?

Our architectural lighting


Our external LED projectors are designed for use on any medium. They are perfect for long range lighting up large areas and very large monuments.


Benefit from an optimized custom solution adapted to your building, monument, street furniture.  Create lighting with a personalized engraving for your customer.


Our submersible LED projectors are conceived in our design office. We carry out more than 50 tests per year to demonstrate their reliability in IP67 with IP68 wiring.
A unique know-how

French Manufacture

When you buy ORSTEEL Light Power projectors, you benefit from a product which is guaranteed 100% “Made in France”.  Each part is manufactured in Contes, in the Alpes-Maritimes.

A stylish design

ORSTEEL Light uses noble materials, such bronze, 316L stainless steel or aluminium Their sleek style and the chosen colour will blend perfectly into your space.

Human support

We will accompany you from A to Z, from your first contact to the follow-up of your order, through the conception and creation of your individual lighting.

State-of-the-art technology

LED performance

Environmentally friendly

LEDs are ecological, unlike traditional lighting which uses polluting gas. In addition, LEDS are fully recyclable.


This may seem surprising, but an LED uses three times less energy than a low energy light bulb.


LEDS have a lifetime fifty times longer than traditional light bulbs: ideal for use on a large subject.


LEDS light up instantly and produce no heat. In addition, they render exceptional colour.

Our priority is to accompany you

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