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ORSTEEL Light has been illuminating your different spaces with bespoke lighting since 2008.  Our company, certified “Origin France Guaranteed” offers you a quality service for your interior, outdoor and submersible lighting solutions. Based in Contes in the South of France, ORSTEEL Light has a lighting production factory and a design office, to provide you with projectors at the leading edge of technology.

Why trust ORSTEEL light?

Choose the high end

A French company

Benefit from our know-how and “Origin France Guaranteed” production.  All the assembly work and support is carried out exclusively at our factory in Contes.


Light up your spaces with ORSTEEL Light projectors, tailor-made by our Design Office for any interior or exterior surface.


ORSTEEL Light’s teams will provide you with continuous support, from design to follow-up, including the final delivery of your lighting products.


Equip your interior and exterior spaces with 100% safe lighting.  ORSTEEL Light projectors are tested by its Design Office prior to their commercialization.


Choose the lighting solution that suits you best. ORSTEEL Light will custom design your projectors and test their suitability.


Choose ORSTEEL Light and opt for a range of lighting which is regularly renewed and equipped with environmentally-friendly LED technology.

Lighting to suit every need

Aquatic – Landscape – Architecture
  • ORSTEEL Light projectors will illuminate your aquatic areas with top of the range lighting


    Looking for inspiration to illuminate an aquatic area? Go to our page dedicated to all electricians, pool specialists, local communities and private individuals looking for completely watertight projectors.

  • Enjoy top of the range landscape lighting


    You want to fit your green spaces with high end lighting that is reliable at all times, inside or outside? Go to the page dedicated to all landscaping professionals.

  • Light up your architectural projects with ORSTEEL Light projectors, guaranteeing you top of the range lighting


    Do you need a top quality projector to illuminate a building or a room? Go to our page dedicated to the latest architectural designer lighting solutions on the market.

The ORSTEEL Light Blog

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SJD-ORSTEEL Light is awarded the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”

The EPV label: Ambassador for “Made in France” excellence

Awarded by the State after rigorous inspection, the aim of this label is to reward small and medium-sized businesses which are typical of French industrial or craft excellence. Its criteria relate in particular to the expertise in developed, renamed or traditional skills, generally associated with a region. They emphasize the high added value of “Made in France” production in the eyes of international and domestic buyers. This promotional action is amplified by the presence of labelled businesses at major professional salons and is also an export support The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label helps French companies to show their true valued in the face of global competition.

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant logo

SJD – ORSTEEL Light: French manufacturer of LED lighting

Deeply rooted in our native region of the Côte d’Azur, we are enthusiastic industrialists with a strong desire to bring you our family group’s technological know-how, centred on our ecological and responsible lighting products.

The choice of production of our LED projectors

Our projectors are all derived from noble materials. They are designed, developed and manufactured in our production units. Our aim is to bring you our made to measure know-how, availability and local service. These are the criteria that pleased the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label.

A more human choice of manufacture

Our Design, Methods and Industrialisation departments can solve your lighting design or light management problems. This Design Office works in perfect harmony with our manufacturing plant. It will help you to imagine the made to measure projector of your dreams. With ORSTEEL Light, everything is possible for your top of the range LED lighting.
The standard of Quality you require is guaranteed by our contractual undertakings doubled by our Quality Department which is committed to ISO Standard 9001V2017.

ORSTEEL light is an "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant"
ORSTEEL light is an "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant"

A commercial team which is close to its customers

Our commercial team will maintain close contact with you to analyse and understand your wishes. We are there to offer you a comprehensive solution. An efficient after sales service has also been set up to take care of your top of the range projectors
We can guarantee the performance of a product that is certified “Origin France Guaranteed”.
Please do not hesitate to come and meet us: you are welcome to visit our production plant and our showroom between Nice and Monaco on the Cote d’Azur.

To conclude…

We are convinced that France has many assets which we will continue to showcase, thanks to our staff and thanks to your confidence in the manufacture of our top of the range LED projectors. Thank you to the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) for their confidence in our French family business.


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The SJD-ORSTEEL Group rewarded with the Label of Excellence “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”

Just as in 1950 Japan came up with the concept of “Living National Treasure” to designate persons with exceptional skills, France has implemented the label of excellenceEntreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) to distinguish outstanding artisans and industrialists. This label, created by the State, comprises a small club of just 1 400 companies. It has recently expanded with the arrival of the Cote d’Azur group “SJD-ORSTEEL” based in Contes in the Paillon valley. Its Director, Adrien Sfecci, received this distinction last week in Marseilles.

Industry, decoration, medical… “SJD Decolletage” has invested in state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to control the whole chain from the design office to final completion. The same approach for their other branch, “ORSTEEL”, specialized in high technology LED lighting, to clothe monuments such as cathedrals, residences, hotels etc. in light

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant logo

A real honour for the Group

We are very proud of this distinction. We are already working with other “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” branded companies and it will boost us on the French high end markets, and on the International scene in the months to come.” Explains Adrien Sfecci.

For the Contois, the label did not come out of the blue. It was preceded by audits carried out on site by State representatives regarding how products are manufactured, how their end of life is anticipated with waste recycling, and how the twenty employees, some of whom have more than twenty years of service with the company, generate ORSTEEL Light’s unique know-how. This is how “SJD-Orsteel” joined the prestigious list of companies with exceptional know-how, such as Louis Vuitton, Baccarat Crystal, Limoges porcelaine etc.

ORSTEEL light is an "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant"

The Riviera based group is in good company with these others who maintain their production activity in France, in sectors with high added value. They represent the “Made in France” spirit and know-how and are developing French economic and cultural identity. “In the next five years, we intend to be full partners in large projects, a link in the chain, and no longer the subcontractor that we were a few years ago.

Adrien Sfecci’s ambition is shared by his father Daniel, Manager of the Group and President of the UIMM (Union of Metallurgy Industries and trades) on the Cote d’Azur and by his brother Arnaud, in charge of the conception of the lighting department. This bodes very well for the continuation of SJD-ORSTEEL’s story, that we will be sharing with you very shortly.


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Lighting up your home: How to choose top of the range lighting

You want to dress up your inner and outer walls with the most beautiful lights, but you don’t know how to choose? Don’t panic! In this article we will explain how you can lighting up your home with top of the range projectors which will suit your spaces.

Luxury for my interior

The design and colours of our high luxury LED projectors make them ideal to adapt perfectly to the style that you want create. According to your tastes and desires they will enhance your interior and exterior.

Lighting your home becomes easier with ORSTEEL Light
Lighting your house: child’s play with ORSTEEL Light
Pour vos éclairage LED d'extérieur

Our 100% French company has been manufacturing made to measure top of the range lighting  from noble materials for more than 10 years. Our LED interior spotlights can be customized to create a warm atmosphere. LED lighting is qualitative, ecological and, above all, consumes little. These lamps have replaced ¾ of lights. In addition to being functional, they bring a real design element to your home. Are you won over? Here are a few decoration tips for showcasing your home.

Find the top of the range lighting which will embellish your home

The wall-mounted projector, a must for your interior!

This is the new trend for lighting up your home with top of the range projectors Wall-mounted projectors are invading the world of decoration. These are truly small mural sculptures which are transforming and illuminating interiors and exteriors with charm and beauty. Simply fixed to the wall, they give a considerable gain of place, especially for small rooms such as bathrooms or toilets. These high end spotlights are greatly appreciated for their soft lighting and the way they emphasize the decorative areas of the room. Different from suspensions, a wall light projects a halo of light on the wall, which makes it look bigger.

ORSTEEL Light’s wall-mounted lights are of very good quality and provide unique lighting. We can propose several models according to your needs. You want to highlight your facade, pillars or the entrance to your home, choose the Pilas wall light. In a tubular form, it produces elegant wall lighting. Dauphin gives discreet architectural lighting. Used outside as well as inside, it will enhance the entrance to your home and the corridors. With this top of the range light, you will be able to create a discreet feeling of softness and warmth.

Lighting your house with wall lights: PILAS
Wall light: Pilas
Wall light: DAUPHIN
Wall light: Dauphin

Flush mounted spotlights, the new trend in decoration

Lighting is essential for successful decoration. Light fittings have a crucial role in the living space. That is why it is important to choose your LED lighting with care, to create a soft atmosphere for all your internal courtyards and passageways.

Our advice for choosing lights that resemble you

You want to revolutionize the lighting in your home? Choose flush mounted spotlights and replace your large lamps with these top of the range lights. Discreet and directable, these small objects with an excellent finish will win over your old fixtures.

You want to achieve harmonious designer lighting for a room or a display case in a shop? Favour our Alpha Zenith flush mounted ceiling projector. Thanks to its directable beam you can accentuate a specific element of a room. This type of top of the range lighting is perfect to create a cocooning and intimate feel.

You want to discreetly light your swimming pool or bathroom? Choose our Exocet projector. It will be perfect if you want top of the range lighting. For the exterior, our Ether projector a LED spotlight which can be embedded in the ground: ideal for  illuminating your terrace or your shop front.

The small extra touch:  we propose white lights but also a system that allows you to create a colour play for the desired effect. This unique detail will complete your home. A stylish effect assured!

Lighting your house with flush mounted ceiling lights: ALPHA ZENITH:
Flush mounted ceiling light: Alpha Zenith
Lighting your house with flush mounted ceiling lights: Exocet
Flush mounted ceiling light: Exocet
Lighting your house with embedded ground lights: Ether
Embedded ground light: Ether


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How to choose your pool projector for the latest submersible lighting

By illuminating your exterior spaces you can profit from your garden and swimming pool, even at night… See our advice and inspirations for the latest submersible lighting which will create the architectural feature you dream of.

Just imagine a summer evening, sipping cocktails beside your swimming pool, feet in the water. The perfect scene…

Swimming pool lighting is essential for your security, but it is possible to combine tranquillity and beauty! Decorating your pool is not something to take lightly, it is the most important element of your exterior! A well-lit swimming pool only has benefits. It allows you to take full advantage of your pool, to see where you’re going and decorate your exterior.

Beautiful house with stylish submersible lighting.
Look ahead with submersible lighting!

The importance of exterior lighting

Discover the latest submersible lighting for a luminous pool
Discover ORSTEEL Light’s high end projectors for your pool

You want to create a festive or romantic atmosphere? All our products are equipped with a remote control that allows you to choose the colour of your submersible projector.  Red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, everything is possible with ORSTEEL Light! This is the decorative touch which will make all the difference.

To avoid accidents, don’t forget to light your terrace for effective lighting around your swimming pool.

We have several top of the range lights which will provide efficient protection and avoid the risk of drowning.

Today, the market offers a large choice of submersible projectors to personalize your swimming pool, both day and night.

Here are some tips for safety and decoration

For all in-ground, simple shaped swimming pools, your submersible projectors must be between 30 and 90 centimetres below the rim of the pool.  Your home and pool house must be placed behind them (in order to avoid being dazzled by the glare) and they must be positioned along the length of the wall.
The number of submersible projectors to install depends on the size of your swimming pool.  In general, for pools of less than 40m², a single projector is enough. If you want to play with the depth of the water, you can double the number of projectors along the longest side.

Our selection of projectors for the latest submersible lighting

You want your pool to become the heart of your garden? Then choose ORSTEEL Light submersible projectors, guaranteed 2 years! Among them:

For modern submersible lighting, discover the Orphie projector
Orphie submersible projector
For modern submersible lighting, discover the Nemo projector
Nemo flush mounted submersible projector
For modern submersible lighting, discover the HIPPOCAMPE projector
HIPPOCAMPE stainless steel submersible projector

In addition to lighting, pool owners must install at least one of the four devices listed below:

    • A protective fence (NF P90-306)
    • An audible alarm system (submersed alarm alerting to a child falling in the water) (NF P90-307)
    • A safety pool cover (NF P90-308)
    • A shelter such as a veranda covering the entire pool (NF P90-309)

In the event of non-compliance, you risk a fine of 45,000 €

For modern submersible lighting, let yourself be tempted by ORSTEEL Light projectors.
To create a haven of peace around your pool, choose ORSTEEL Light

The added touch:  Do you know about these fabulous multicoloured luminous floating balls?  These small, very eye-catching decorative items will make all the difference by creating a magical atmosphere to enhance your pool.

Take the time to choose spotlights that combine beauty and security for the swimming pool of your dreams.

Our range of submersible projectors brings together a dozen articles that will delight you. You only have to take the plunge!


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