Orsteel Light : the manufacturer of top of the range LED lighting equipment

The world of traditional lighting is declining and in a number of domains, it is giving way to a more ecological source of light, which is environment friendly, but above all, much more economical.
It is estimated that by 2020, LEDs (electro-luminescent diodes) could represent 75% of the lighting market.

Orsteel Light is specialised in the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures which integrate this technology. Our design office is constantly on the lookout for new, more efficient and reliable LEDs to cater to all sorts of applications which require a very high luminous flux with controlled energy consumption.

There are two categories of LED:

High power LEDs
More than 1W

They are used in interior, architectural (facades and monuments), exterior and landscape lighting.

Low to medium power LEDs
Less than 1W

These are mainly used for marking or decoration (principally in flexible bands)